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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
22 November 2029 @ 03:20 pm

oh and I'd like to know the people who added me.. just simple infos~
when I know more bout you and/or think that we have some similar interest, I'll add you back :D
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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
08 June 2024 @ 03:59 pm
I'm so late in making this =_=

resources~Collapse )
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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
01 December 2015 @ 06:03 pm

you guys this was litterally the first time I'm participating in ASC segments and God it excites me on how much you give reactions to fans.
my heart felt a happy tingle when you shouted 'noona' and 'sister' when looking at my selca.
thank you ROMEO for making this noona have a better day :D
I love you like I would if I have younger brothers <3

Now I feel sorry for not buying your CDs. I promise by the time I buy my Melon pass I'll download all your songs and stream as well <3

sincerely a touched noona fan ;)
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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
10 October 2014 @ 02:08 pm
I'm in the middle of practical class of Operating System. I'm bored right now and decided to write up something random \o/
I always feel like I want to write up something about these pent up feelings of mine but it's just that everytime I have them I was in no shape of writing a blog but while I have time like this all the feelings went away ^0^//

bye for now before I get caught :x
micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
okay I'm going to introduce my ultimate bias group of odorites at the moment. the group is morning musumen. or just musumen. for short.
just like their name implies, they're a cover dance group of morning musume. it first started when KimagurePrince, a fanboy of H!P wanted to cover Renai Hunter dance with complete 11 people. and so morning musumen was born!
here's that first cover of Renai Hunter back on 2012

the members were Shirofuku, KimagurePrince, Aoi, Nibansenji, Nozaki Bento, Zeararu, Tomitake, Nokkusu, Ni-chan, Forgeru, Asupara, and K'suke.
right after, K'suke and Asupara left the group (K'suke still being an honorary member and choreographed for them)
and April this year, they've released their own album with original songs sung by them. apparently Ni-chan is missing from the group :(

here are three of their original songs

I recommend the third song it's really fun!!
I'd like to point some members
from the third song, Summer Venus in 1:14 in order the members are and my comment
(left to right)

  • Nibansenji/Emerald Green: tallest. his neck is sooo long he's like a giraffe XD

  • Zeararu/Orange/Radish(XD): he's actually 25 it doesn't shown from his figure 0.0

  • Nokkuso/Purple: I say the ikemen of the group. he's really good looking

  • Tomitake/Light Pink: I'd say he's the rascal of the group. idk to me he always looks mischievous!

  • Shirofuku/whiteish yellow lol: sexiest member ♥ I swear he has the idol vibe like Nakajima Kento. I bet he already has a lot of fans now. what if he's a real idol? he might be a threat for Johnnys talents oh no!!

  • Nozaki Bento/Brown: seriously you should try looking at him while dancing, you won't break free easily. his smile while dancing is a drug! you can't get away!!!

  • KimagurePrince/Light Blue: hah the biggest H!P fanboy in odorite according to my eyes. srsly in every cover video of H!P groups with males there's always him!(and sometimes Zeararu is there too) I think his right eye covering bangs are his trademark. even with changed hairstyles his right eye is always slightly or wholy covered!

  • Forgeru/Green: has the softest smile ♥ was shocked when I discovered that he's short.. as short as Zeararu I think

  • Aoi/Red: funny how his name is Aoi(blue) but his color is red..... anyway he's my jailbait ♥_♥ seriously at 13 years of age he already mastered the art of sexiness and now that he's 14 with voice changing and everything he's turning into a charming devil♥♥♥

  • Ni-chan/Hot Pink: the missing one :'''( looks the most manly out of everyone. and looking closely when he's smiling he looks like a mix of VIXX's Ravi and Johnny WEST's Kiriyama Akito!

haha wow that was a long write XD
okay now to more videos!
Morning Musume covers: Wakuteka Take a Chance One Two Three Wagamama Kinomama Ai no Joke What is Love?
and here are some other covers by some members

by the front trio Shirofuku, KimaPri, and Aoi. careful you might just die of sexiness.
oh and one more dangerous vid by these 3

not only eyegasm but eargasm as well oohlala /dies happily/

another cover dance and song by Forgeru, KimaPri, Aoi, and Nokkuso.

careful sexy overload! a Lamb cover dance by Shokupan Men (not in musumen), Aoi, and Tomitake. seriously this video made Aoi more of my jailbait *_____________*

and yeah Musumen. also have their own youtube channel! there's a lot of miscelanious stuffs that you could check out if you're interested in them (of course all videos in Japanese)

waaaah another long post! XD sorry I just need to share this feelings and twitter's just too short!
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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
04 July 2014 @ 10:44 pm
hi! it's been so so so so so long since I last wrote here (I've always said this every time I decided to wrote here lol)
university life is more hectic than I thought. I haven't been updated with a lot of fandom during the semester (only a selected view like VIXX and H!P that I still kept in touch with)
and now since I'm in semester break I have 2 months of catching up \o/

so my surfing adventure this time lead me to odorite world. if you haven't known I really like electronic poppish music that are great to dance with (restricted to Japanese and Korean only actually since I only devote my time there hehe)

in this post I will post about some of my favorite odorites and videos that I really like to watch! oh and most of these videos are of odorite dancing to vocaloid / original songs that are produced by vocaloid producers :D

1. Guilty Hearts
they originally consist of 5 odorites; melochin, ry☆, miume, k'suke, and kamen liar 217 (or just niina).
they're a group of talented dancers and choreographers. they choreographed their own dance to some songs. some of my favs are:

they have more! check out the others if you're interested (you could found the list at the odorite link I gave)
and sadly, I just learned that Guilty Hearts is now a 3 membered group with K'suke and Niina leaving :( they said their personal goals didn't belong with Guilty Hearts :''''((((((
oh well at least it's not the last time we'd see them since their still dancing greatly and posting them. also they're all really good friends it's not like they'll stop collabing :)) /fyi my bias is Niina and I kinda shipped NiinaxK'suke :'''')/

I'll post some links of their other videos solo or with other dancers!
Senbonzakura traditional special by miume, k'suke, niina, and aoi this is really beautiful!!
galaxias! -Gigamix- by melochin and kimagureprince a really funny cover they're doing this in jail XD
Girls & Lamb. by miume, niina, and maria. if I'm correct both are choreographed by miume. I love both of these songs they are original songs sung by maria (the middle girl) I'm kinda determined to memorized Lamb. XD
Lamb. by K'suke, Haku, and Ryusay a cover of the girl's version (K'suke is in Niina's position!! XD /biased/)
MAD HEAD LOVE by Niina and Gettu a really cute couple dance (kinda wished it was K'suke instead of Gettu ><)
there are sooo many moree!! if you're interested in more visit those links. most of them are from BoutoKM's channel and that channel already organized playlists according to dancers so go watch them!!!

let's move on to other groups.

they're apparenly a group of cosplay dancers. they roleplay a group of students with one teacher. (more info in the links)
they're known for their energetic choreographies. these are some that I love

featuring Ry☆

they're known for this video. definitely VERY energetic. fyi, the middle one with black short hair, he's half korean half japanese XD

if you're curious of more of them check out the playlist for it (open the yt page for the first video) and check out their official youtube page for more goodie videos XD

there's one more group I'd like to introduced but it's gonna be pretty long since I have a lot  to fangirl so I'll make another post for it!!!

misc. I think from previous posts I've said that my favorite vocaloid song was WAVE by producer niki. I love the original by vocaloid Lily and any covers of it!
and so there's a cover dance for this song along with a cover song

the dancers are Aoi (blue), Ogaguzu (white), Tika (yellow), and E-suke (red). the red and blue have done other dances but white and yellow haven't seen others (has a slight crush on white actually. he kinda resembles Maeda Gouki my wild actor crush ><)

aaand that will end this post.
I will introduce my ultimate odorite group bias at the moment at the next post >3
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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
05 September 2013 @ 10:32 am
soooo I've just begun 3rd semester of my college. I am now a second year college student :D
can't believe how much time flies... It seems like it was yesterday that I was spending my Freshman year in the Freshmen dorm with all the new friends I made from around the nation~ hehe
and now I'm a Sophomore :D
Well I still just started and I'm in my first week of study.
I have a total of 6 subjects this semester (eventhough I could take more, I decided to take only those so that I could adjust to the changing curriculum from my first year which were still basic subjects;= advanced high school subjects)
my subjects are (maybe I got some of these subjects name wrong since the name's I originally know is in Indonesian); Algorhythm and Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics Method, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Digital Electronics (not sure with this name).
Basically I'm learning Mathematics that's involved in Computation.
aaah I still don't know how I'll do this year. I just hope my grades won't go down.

and another resolution of mine for this Sophomore year, is that I need to build experience in being involved with events and working together with people. I've been avoiding doing these event since forever. well I know if I want to succeed in the working world I can't stay like the way I am. I need to change myself and not be scared to talk with other people and working with them. I really hope I will grow mentally. Even though I'm almost 20 in age I'm still so childish and nothing adult-like in me except for my height ><

so, I'll do my best!!