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Lifting The Burdens

easy to think; hard to get done

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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey


Mirza Rakhmadianti is the name. I am Indonesian and currently attending Bogor Agricultural University majoring in Computer Science. I'm a very awkward person that's having a hard time approaching people.

Tends to ignore most of the world news while I'm enjoying entertainment I get from Japanese and Korean products (music, manhwas, shows, dramas)
I do not hope to be a hikikomori as I enter adulthood though so people who know me please help me :D

I have many interested groups in both Korea and Japan I'll list them soon :)

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micha has become Koyama & Yabu's

True Friend and True Love since August 31st 2009

I promise I'll Love him as he promise me to love me

"Soba ni Iruno, micha"

Oh, please...
I just want Yesungie
not that other crap

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