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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
11 August 2010 @ 08:13 pm
so yep this is posted very late... not having my own laptop is hard rly =.= and yeh.. having no laptop in the weekend means the whole day yesterday and the day before was for downloading vids that I missed out (and there was A LOT >__>)
well phew! finally all the links are done uploaded :D
but ehh.. got a slight problem.. I can't screencap D:
I don't know why I can't screencap in this laptop so no screencap will have to do for now u___u (or maybe some kind nice souls up there that will share their screencaps of this after they download? ><)

well here are the links~ all are in 1280x720px resolution .wmv extension same as always :D


video source kpopella
cut by michasungbang 
leave a comment when you download please so I'll know ^-^