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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
22 November 2009 @ 03:20 pm

oh and I'd like to know the people who added me.. just simple infos~
when I know more bout you and/or think that we have some similar interest, I'll add you back :D
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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
08 June 2024 @ 03:59 pm
I'm so late in making this =_=

resources~Collapse )
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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
30 November 2017 @ 05:20 pm
haha I've noticed overtime how I actually don't like to write up lengthy posts about myself. I actually had quite some moments that I just experienced this year like going to Japan for the first time late August of this year but I never really bothered myself to write it up.

I'm being active again on twitter because of Produce101 Season 2! that was an emotional roller coaster. I took to twitter for my spazzes and also to Onehallyu forums. I was like back in my school days where I am mostly active on forums. I used to go on soompi and even had some friends because of mutual interest in kpop and photoshop (I've forgotten all of them sadly. I'm not the best at keeping Internet friends)

I've also upped my cooking/baking skills this year! I had a short pastry making class for 3 days (certified as well) and I've been having fun experimenting with tempering my pastry dough ^-^ still not the best baker though and I still need to use recipes (while adjusting the amount as I go on) for guide.

ever since I graduated university last year, sadly I'm still unemployed. my friends and family have been urging me to sell the food I make but I was never big on receiving money (and I'm not really the best at playing the visual game of food) but is this actually the path for me? should I take this food selling business seriously? because tbh, the house next door to mine is a sharehouse full of college students studying in university very close to my home so selling my food isn't actually that hard.
but I still need to think about creating the brand and packaging my food. to make it unique. and that takes research that I've not done yet.

I will try job hunting for a few more months. if it still doesn't work out, I guess I have to try this 'cook for a living' career.

on another note, I'll be turning 24 in less than a week, still without a significant other 😭
micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
21 October 2016 @ 11:21 pm
I've made a post before about how I loved Morning Musume a few years ago. After that time, I've dwelled deeper into the talent agency that created the masterpiece group that is Morning Musume, Hello! Project.
This year, they've gone creative with their MVs and music. Musical wise Morning Musume and most of the groups' songs that are usually produced by Tsunku have stopped since his graduation from the company September last year.

I gotta say, the songs these groups made have become fresher! The top 3 groups that have been experimental in their music within the Hello!Project groups are ANGERME, ℃-ute, and of course Morning Musume.
since I'm not really good at praising these wonderful songs and MV, I'll just post the videos and have you watch them :)

 ℃-ute - Jinsei wa STEP

℃-ute - Mugen Climax (classical in a j-idol music??!!!)

ANGERME - Wasurete Ageru

ANGERME - Itoshima Distance

Morning Musume'16 - Utakata Saturday Night (the brightest PVs I've seen of them in this era)

Morning Musume'16 - The Vision (I find the composition so relaxing~)

Morning Musume'16 will come out with a new TripleA side single next month and I'm expecting the PVs of those will also be pleasing ^_^
micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
27 July 2016 @ 05:57 pm

I'm so shattered. like so so shattered... Before the broadcast there were already spoilers on who are in the revival match, who went into which team, and then who's saved between that revived member or the chosen old member.
spoilers were saying that Insoo are put into Sky team, battle against Sangmin (Sky's leader, the green one) and made it in.
but it was wrong! Insoo was not chosen and Sangmin's safe! and my heart was not prepared for it.. I bawled the rest of the day (about 4 hours before I went to bed)

and I'm glad I was not sleeping yet.. Insoo then made an instagram post and this is the translation. My heart's tearing up again reading TT^TT
all the trainees that are in Boys24 are unsigned to any company, so I hope after this he'll be receiving love calls from numerous agencies and can pick the right one for him and could debut fast. he's the best rapper in the whole competition for crying out loud!

Insoo I better see you soon on stage again!! TTT__TTT
micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
21 July 2016 @ 10:16 pm
introducing my newest addiction!! It is......


turns out I'm a sucker for survival shows since I quite thoroughly enjoyed Produce101 that aired earlier last year (my top girl in the show was Park Gaeul from Astory. sucks she only lasted until the top60 :'( )

The goal of this project show is to get 24 boys that are skilled enough to debut after that the 24 boys will have a showcase everyday for a span of a year and them the top 6 people will have the priviledge to officially debut under MNet.
well firstly I watched this Dance PV of their promotional song Rising Star

and then by chance I got interested by the boy on the left with blond hair at 1:24 even though he had no parts and only dancing. turns out he's actually Lee Insoo, previously Jaguar from A6P, a group that debuted last year but is now sadly disbanded. without actually knowing how he'll do in rap (since he was in charge of rap in A6P but I wasn't really a fan of their song).

and so Ep.1 started. the show started with the individual performance of all 49 boys. every boy's performance will then be scored by 5 masters. the top7 members with the highest scores get to be the leader of their own unit and are immune to elimination for the next round. there were some that are good shown on the 1st episode but the rappers are mostly a letdown. Insoo weren't shown in episode 1. And so I had to wait for another week to see how he do.

On Ep. 2, I was shocked at Insoo's performance!

it's so good the flow goes well and his passion is thoroughly shown! the rap master of this show, Vasco, even gave Insoo the highest score in rap performance!! at that moment, I felt that I was right at picking my top contestant <3 (shucks MNet edited out his dance performance would've wanted to see that TT)

And so the next mission started~! Insoo is on Unit Blue and is lead by the TOP1 member Hwang Inho (aw yeah the Top1) each unit consists of 7 members but the final group lineup consist of only 6 members so this next mission will decide the elimination of one member in each unit. So Unit Blue got to perform EXO's Call Me Baby in Ep. 3

I have to admit the performance was a bit lacking (Inho just had a cold so his voice wasn't in perfect condition) but Insoo's rap has saved the performance! his rap was phenomenal <3 too bad Kyuhyun (gray hair one) had to go from this mission :'(

Ep.4 is the 1st Unit elimination mission. Decided by audience's live voting, the unit with the lowest score would be eliminated. In this mission they had to do a mix and match of a Kpop song of choice with a certain genre they like. Blue went with a unique route and decided to mash up GFRIEND's Rough with Traditional Korean Music genre! the result is better than expected!!

by this performance, I am fully aware now that this unit has the most well balanced vocals! I do think other units have great voices as well, but their voices doesn't sound as united as this unit! probably because all of their voices are on the softer side, they don't clash with the other's vocals. and Insoo stunned me once again with his rap! this song originally doesn't have a rap verse but he cleverly put a rap verse in one of the chorus part and also another one during the climax of the song making this song more beautiful! I had replayed this video for days on end and coming back to reply at people's comments (yeah I spent my time as a lurker orz).
good thing they were saved in this mission, gaining the 2nd most voted unit in this.

Next is Ep. 5... the 2nd unit elimination.. the objective was to capture girl's heart. unlike the previous mission, in here votes are given by the masters/judges as well. 70% audience 30% masters. At first each team, in order from their place at the previous mission, gets to pick the song they want to perform out of the 6 available song. Blue picked GOT7's Just Right. everyone was practicing for their songs but then, 5 days before the performance, there was an announcement that they will exchange song with the other unit they were practicing with. And so, Blue got to perform TVXQ's Mirotic. Yeah such a change of concept (side eyeing MNet giving my boys a rough time) <_<
in a trance, they decided to do a vampire concept with spells and the likes.

I think it's due to the rushed time in practicing, they couldn't really nail some of the moves using the cape (those capes are longer than their own height so stepping on it is part of the risk) Insoo did so well at the beginning part and the mood was going great (minus the stepping mistake), and then the MJ dance break came. it was alright... but didn't really match the mood of the overall performance (and that classic MJ nodding move, because it wasn't sharp it came out as messy) it was quite disappointing dance-wise BUT the vocals are SPOT ON! tbh out of all the performances, they still stood out vocally to me. and so reality came and they got the lowest points TT^TT
when Jonghyuk (the cute looking one with a bit tanned skin and small eyes) was showing his tears during the show I couldn't help but cried along.. I really didn't want to see them go TT^TT
Inho gave his final speech, and then it showed other boys' shocked expression as the Top1 of the show (and some of their close friends there) eliminated..

Next Saturday will be the broadcast of Ep. 6 and it will be the Revival Round where 5 people from the two eliminated units will have a chance to continue by joining other units and try to win over one current member of each unit. I already from the spoilers that Insoo is one of them and will get in, but I'm still excited on what kind of performance he'll do!
I trust in Insoo that he will make it to the Top24 boys (not quite sure if he'll be the top6 to debut since there are a lot of popular members but you'll never know!)

all of these performances can be viewed from MNet's official channel while the subs are being done by Boys24_Global

by the way if you're also watching and want to show support to the boys you like, you can vote here! you can login with Facebook, twitter, or kakao account ^^
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micha ★ leesuhoonwifey
01 December 2015 @ 06:03 pm

you guys this was litterally the first time I'm participating in ASC segments and God it excites me on how much you give reactions to fans.
my heart felt a happy tingle when you shouted 'noona' and 'sister' when looking at my selca.
thank you ROMEO for making this noona have a better day :D
I love you like I would if I have younger brothers <3

Now I feel sorry for not buying your CDs. I promise by the time I buy my Melon pass I'll download all your songs and stream as well <3

sincerely a touched noona fan ;)
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